Product Enquiries

  • Will my bread tray be compatible with other trays?

    Our range of bread trays have been used by the following major bakeries:
    • BT1 – Fine Lady / Jacksons
    • BT2 – Rathbones / Morrison’s
    • BT3 – Roberts
    • BT4/BT9 – Allied Sunblest (equivalent)
    • BT5 - Aldi
    • BT6 – Maple Leaf / Harvestime
  • What colours can I have?

    Any colour you choose. However our standard colours are blue, black, green and grey.
  • Can I have my products printed with our name or logo?

    Our in house product range (bread tray and milk crate) can be printed (see individual product detail) with block letters or for a more unique touch it is possible to have a logo printed with inserts within the tool. For everything else please contact us.
  • Although you’re website is great and very informative I'm still unsure as to exactly what I want! Is it possible to have a sample?

    If you are still unsure we can happily provide a sample. If you require a few samples then we might charge for delivery depending on your location.